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March 09, 2011


I can't agree with you more about "The Tradeshowguy Blog". I interviewed Tim Patterson for my blog and he is well versed in both strategies and tactics in social media and how to relate that to your trade show marketing.
Be sure to check out his blog and you can watch the interview I did with him here: http://tradeshowinfotainer.com/interview-with-trade-show-social-media-expert-tim-patterson/

I saw that 'the tradeshowguys' blog post too. It was a good piece. I hope you got that job, if not that one, then something else in social media. From my personal experience, those are the most sought after jobs nowadays. Best of luck.

Interesting information got from you! And thanks for advising me "The Tradeshowguy Blog" - will totally read it!

I have also came across "The Tradeshowguy Blog" and found it to be pretty funny, yet informative. It was definitely a very interesting read.
~ Smash Hit Displays

Will do bro... :)

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