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August 07, 2009


That's not a bad idea for a website, considering you thought of it in 2009. I don't think there's a website like that yet, or one that I know of.

Is there are updated site anywhere? Would love to hear more ideas...

All the best :)

Hope you come up with something interesting soon.

Not updating. Been out of the loop for too long now.

I thought this blog was closed down. Are you going to start updating?

Good Luck!

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

I did a similar thing. Built an interative quote system for trade show suppliers. Exhibitors could come on fill out a form for their requirements and get multiple quotes. Way ahead of it's time and more importantly the wrong market place. I think it was far to niche. People have made fortunes since with the same idea for insurance etc. etc. I now run discountdisplays.co.uk and still try to think up the next big idea!

Do you guys have a new site anywhere?

Steve: unless i'm misunderstood, this blog isn't the one being "hung up", this is a .com page not .org so you can still come back here and visit! I've also just found this blog - very interesting indeed, will be back! :-)

I just stumbled across your blog, and sorry to hear you're hanging it up. I've always thought that a good idea for a blog site (like yours) would be a "forum" for trade show exhibitors and attendees to vent about what a train wreck the trade show they just exhibited at/attended. All that money to buy the display/graphics, get to the show, worry about things back home, etc and no leads, sales, etc. Or an attendee may say only half the exhibitors showed up. Of course good comments would be most welcome. Eventually, the blog could be organized into shows (click on a link) and one could view the comments of another one (exhibitor or attendee) about that show. Perhaps some of your favorite bloggers would be the show organizer, trade show managers, themselves. The brutal honesty of the bloggers may be tough for some of them to hear. The blog would only be lightly edited (curse words deleted). As the blog grows, you would have advertisers wishing to reach those exhibitors/attendees and that would be where the money comes from (think Southwest Airlines, Skyline Exhibits). Just a thought...

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