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April 16, 2009


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope all is going well. Please send some work :-)

Yes, I did cut it off. Didn't get the job anyway. Let it grow back out, but no longer enough there for a decent ponytail. Kinda looking more like Professor Irwin Corey now!

So...did you cut your ponytail off???

Typically in sales the longer your hair the less sales you will make. If you want to try and prove that idiom wrong go for it. If you want to do everything you can to get the job, lop it off.

who told you not to make ponytail..its your own thinking which depending only on you...

No you should be just like as you are at present..keep your personality well maintained,it will help in your work.

Thanks for the thoughts. It's working on the supplier side of things, so looks like the scissors.

As far as the blog, even during the halcyon days of this thing and the online ad market, the most aggressive forecast I could come up with was around $3K, which wasn't even worth the time and energy to put into taking it down and redoing it on a platform that supported ads. There never was much readership. A good month was 5,000 unique views. Can't charge much for that.

At one point I did think of going over to ning and building more of a community, but then I realized that this audience doesn't want to think of their jobs during their time off. Unlike coffee or social media development where you live it almost all day every day because you want to.

Hi Rich -

Probably depends on the type of shows you work with. Natural Products show? Ponytail A-OK. National Society of Accountants? Probably time to get the scissors out.

What about your blog though - you've probably got such great ranking because of it's age and content. Wonder if an ad supported model would bring in enough revenue? I'd be happy to point start forwarding TradeShowStartup.com to your blog instead of having it be on it's own. You could do a much better job than I for the industry anyway...

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