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April 19, 2009


I wish I had the ability to accept jobs that weren't about the money. Constantly trying to constantly sell something can be very difficult if you don't genuinely believe in the product.

It depends on your age. At my age it gets harder to pull off the ponytail.


Couple of them off the top of my head:


That's how out of the loop I've been... didn't even cross my mind to look into that, since none of them are around here (and so many of them were pure b.s. even just a couple of years ago).

But it's a good recommendation - will look into it.

Interesting points Rich. I reminded me that there are a lot of startups working on social networking for the event industry.

Trouble is, they know online social networking well, but not so much when it comes to the trade show business.

I think there would be a nice fit for you at one of those companies trying to drag the trade show organizer into the 21st century.

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