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June 06, 2008


What a shame Rich, for many reasons. You made made me a believer - and excited, so I wrote a post about your adventure yesterday - posted today here

This is not the first time I've seen an association jump into making their event more participatory and far-reaching, then go about business as usual, neglecting to follow-up to get the full bang out of their great start.

As a speaker at conferences I've been suggesting the use of social media for some while.

My dream was/is that a state association would vlog and blog their conference, start an online social network for members, exhibitors, speakers (and others who wanted to register to participate)....

interview the best industry experts for regular podcasts, etc.... and attract more members and other people to their online services (and more underwriting dollars) than their national counterpart.

That would be a wake-up call. Feeling cheeky one day, I wrote a quick post about it,
How an Online Social Network
Could Steal Association Members

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