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May 16, 2006


Don't know to what show you're referring but what you bring up is one of those facts I refuse to buy into because it's too convenient. Something like the Surgeon General saying secondhand smoke "accounting for" thousands of deaths instead of being "a contributing factor to" said deaths. I haven't seen the control groups that allowed this one factor (Vegas, secondhand smoke) to be considered the ONLY reason.

However, I'm grudgingly getting on board with the Vegas thing. The most popular show is American Idol, the most popular music and movies usually offer no redeeming artistic value and the most popular radio hosts preach isolationism.

So having Vegas be so popular seems less and less a surprise.

Glad my livelihood is no longer dependent solely on the show business.

I hear lots of tradeshow folks say this including exhibitors. What most fail to realize is though you may have to go to Vegas a dozen times a year the attendees are usually going once a year.

They like it and thats what counts. We moved our show to Vegas last year and attendance was up 22%. Before you start with the yeah but they were all gambling. Exhibitor leads were up 35%. According to exhibitors buyer quality was up.

The bottom line is many exhibitors increased their booth space for the next show (which tells you more than any survey ever will) and our booth sales are up over 30% from the same period of our last show.

Things will certainly change one day but for now Vegas is hot in more ways than one.

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