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December 02, 2005


Hi Rich,

Thanks for the kind words, but it just seemed like the right question to ask, it was where RL was heading with his excellent presentation but couldn't continue because of time constraints.

He explained many of the strategy and tools at work in executing media strategy, but in my humble opinion, the output at the end of the day should also be something we can take to the boss and explain the expenditure of time/resources, much like sales or marketing. At least nowadays it seem like it HAS to be, because we are now taught to enforce the almighty ROI rule.

I put sales force data and PR "hit" metrics side by side and I am struggling to put equal value to them.

That being said, with Google, Cymfomy, Intelliseek and the rest out promising that PR metrics are possible to some extent online, that's interesting.

Also importantly, in the post-session chat, he talked about packaging up media "hits" to become part of your marketing efforts, which lends credibility to your sales efforts. A key point, I think.

PR is not going away - the opposite in fact. But we continue to wrangle with cost-benefit, and increasingly so under the scrutiny of ROI-minded executive management.

A great session all-around.


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