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December 02, 2005


There was a cyber center in the lobby across from registration (I think it was sponsored by FuelDog actually). An odd place for a session, perhaps, but seems appropriate considering the topic and needs of this potential workshop. They had about 12-15 computers set up. I was there checking my email just after your session and it was very quiet.

Dana... what "cyber center"? Please elaborate, thanks.

The panel was great, so thanks to all of you -- defintely gave the audience lots to chew on. It was vital for me to learn the state of blogs in the industry as The Expo Group decides if we have enough of import to blog about.

Rich, I think a workshop format for next year is a great idea because people could actually set up their event blogs on a free service during the session. Why not hold the session in the cyber center?!?

Rich - thanks for your kind words and the opportunity to talk blogs at the IAEM conference.

You neglected to include one important aspect of the session. The moderator who kept all on track, pulled live blogs to illustrate points and ensured that the discussion moved along at good rate. Congrats! to you!

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