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November 18, 2005


I think the answer is pretty simple. They don't see the money in it.

In our industry you have to be a bit off-kilter to invest the time and energy in doing this. For me, it's a marketing expense. I get a couple of leads here and there.

What would the publications expect to get for their investment at this point? Not like our industry is begging for it - look at how many ads are on a typical issue of TSNN's newsletters - tons of them, yet there's no real content to speak of. If our market will settle for that and there's money to be made at it, why extend yourself?

Maybe it's you and me who are nuts.

I need to remember not to post comments late at night after returning from parties... :-)

So I'm thinking... (I know, it's a bad habit)... How come there are no blogs from, Tradeshow Week (Michael Hart), Tradeshow Executive (Darlene), and Expo (Danica)? Am I missing it? I know I don't get out much... but hey.

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