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November 13, 2005


"I'd even promote the idea of getting Godin or Tom Peters or someone of their ilk to come in as a keynote presenter and bash our industry in front of everyone at IAEM. But... they'd then have to stick around for the whole event. Take in as many sessions as possible. Take notes on what they think would make us better. Perhaps even empower them to stop a session midstream and suggest, "I think we'd have a better conversation if we did this..."

Now that would be atypical."

Then just do it!

I definitely think that the conference business is in need of some unconventional thinking. It's still undetermined, from my research, if business is up or down.

What is clear, however, is that there are any number of events cropping up that don't fit the traditional mold that also are delivering huge value to the attendees (and occassionally the exhibitors).

The real problem is not having these conversations, I think, but making them have an impact on the industry itself.

Hi, actually our company is called Frameweld and our blog is named Blogwelder.

It would make for a great event to have someone like Godin or Tom Peters critique your event in real time. And you would walk away with a lot of good feedback.

But you can get a lot of discussion and helpful advice from cheaper and more abundant resources. Check with vendors and attendees and the grunts who do the legwork. If you found my thought interesting, I have another 20 of them. People who are exposed to these events much more than I will probably have 10x the useful feedback.

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