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November 07, 2005


I found this article by searching business blogs on Google. While reading Business Blog Consulting the mention of you aritcle on your coffee shop caused me to visit. You have done an great job of explaining how things work and I really enjoyed the article.

Going cross country in my 18 wheeler might have affored me the opportunity to stop in because coffee has been part of my life forever. HaHa.

Maybe I'll get that chance to stop in one day. Untill then great work.

Lonnie Ellerbee

Thanks for stopping by. Actually Seattle does have at least one blogging coffeehouse - Victrola (which not conincidentally we've included in our "Heroes and Legends" links on the Aldo Coffee Co. blog). Victrola started its blog back in Feb. as a way to talk about daily goings-on that it couldn't do on its static site (victrolacoffee.com).

The Victrola blog goes even farther than we do in terms of educating consumers on the differences in roasts and equipment and why their coffee experience is superior. That's probably because you have an ultra-competitive market up there that we don't have here in Pittsburgh. It's through Victrola that we learned about the Clover machine we're now investigating. Plus, their roaster, Tonx, has had a blog for quite some time (www.tonx.org).

With them starting the Seattle coffee blog snowball rolling, I think you'll be seeing more coffeehouse blogs up your way very soon.

Great article. I'm reposting it for some of the members of our business networking group here in Seattle, where we got lots of coffee, but I don't know of any coffee shop that has a blog!

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