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September 29, 2005


But it's better alliteration ;-)

Regardless, I'm still in disagreement on whether incentivizing comments is appropriate.

I posted a long comment to Ted on Expophile on what I'd have done to increase blog readership. Ted disagreed with me too. We'll see.

Rich, I think it is a bit strong to call it bribery. As Sue points out, we offered an iPod Shuffle on the XtremeASAE Blog and I thought it was a pretty good giveaway. I agree that it shouldn't be necessary to give stuff away to get people to comment. Still, many people are reluctant to comment because they don't want to look uninformed or stupid, or they aren't fully comfortable with the technology. If offering them something worth winning helps them engage, I'm okay with it.

Yup, ASAE also was giving a way an iPod (Shuffle, in their case). I found myself actually NOT commenting on stuff I'd like to comment on so it didn't look like I was just trying to win something (though I guess I wouldn't have minded). This is the first I've heard of the IAEM blog--you'd think they'd have sent a press release to us journalist types so we (esp. me, the blog hyper extraordinaire) would pass the word along.

But anyway, yeah, this is not a stellar piece of marketing. And I had to really look to find the link to the blog on the show site, and when I found it, it reads: Expo! Expo! Weblog. Oops, forgot to put in the link. Doh!

I also would like to point at that when you get to the bottom of the mystery (only possible if you really, really want that iPod) and register for blog-posting abilities, it's broken. When you register on the blog, it is stated very clearly that a password will be coming soon to your Inbox. That was over three hours ago. Oy.

Rich... One of those XXL T's is comin' yer way, dude. You deserve it.

I have one of those old yellow TSB "Spill the Beans" tees from way back. It's shrunk to the point where it's less a tee and more like a halter top (and since we've met, I'm confident you have a hideous mental image right now).

Anyway, since I have already posted over at your joint before your offer, I think I deserve some new swag.

Actually Rich, I'll just comment over here for the moment. It's more fun. Didn't somebody else offer a bribe to comment? Did ASAE or someone like that? It's a chronic problem.

Well then... I feel a prize drawing coming on over on Tradeshow BluesBlog. Let's see... we have some caps left over and a few t-shirts in XXL and MED.

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