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July 19, 2005


I may not reply within hours, but I do get to things eventually! (as I am saving both blogs to my favorites)

Yes, eShow has developed the proofing system and it is in use with all of our Advance/Onsite Registration clients, as well as a similar RSVP function.

FYI - Some other feedback we got...
Q: Why the "ugly" black bar on the image?
A: To mask the barcode with the attendee information on it.

We're working on a more palletable alternative.

Sadly, people still can't spell my last name right either.


No problem Rich. Like I wrote in my post, I've been dealing with it for years. I appreciate your apology. Thanks.

I'll get it right next time, promise!

Wait, you mean we're doing this for free??

Rich, thanks for posting about the XtremeASAE Blog. We appreciate it. And I think my level of excitement about the badge proofing is appropriate, especially since you spelled by name incorrectly in your post. It is De Cagna and not DeCagna, and you can see that on the image you posted. One good tweak deserves another...;>)

Thanks for your vote of support on the blog. We do not disagree about RSS, and XtremeASAE blogger Kevin Holland has addressed the issue in a post this morning.

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