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July 05, 2005


how do i come for one of your conference and can you send me an invitation letter to participate in it for update and knowledge ok.thanks.

If the point is about "personal" events, targeted to a community of attendees, as distinct from the generate corporate conferences, then I agree. The admission policy really isn't the point -- it's the way the host creates an ambiance and that "intimacy" you refer to.

I certainly think that's a good approach. As you note, Supernova (launched at the bottom of the dotcom crash) has been successful from year one, and I think this year was the best yet. But it's not easy to do. The organizer needs to really understand the audience and the environment he or she wants to create -- you can't fake it.

You ever have one of those posts where you start with one premise and end up someplace else...
Thanks for the correction. Let's just say I used the term "invite only" loosely. In DEMO's case it's the product demos that require invites. PC Forum has a rep of being the consummate "insider's" event. And in the case of Gnomedex, it was ostensibly "public" but you pretty much had to be reading the right blogs to find out how to register. Even with poetic license being taken, the point still holds.

I'm flattered to see Supernova listed alongside those other events. Just for clarification, though, I'm pretty sure the only one on your list that is invitation-only is TED.

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