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May 24, 2005


Hi Rich--hope I didn't misquote you! Actually, we wrote about blogging in our now-defunct Technology Meetings magazine back in March 2002: Blogging from the Show Floor. Even though it's about attendees blogging a show, I think it still counts. And we've had our face2face blog since '03, so we've been living the life, even if we haven't been writing about living the life.

Part of the reason we've been slow to jump on this trend is that, for the most part, our readers, up until recently, didn't seem to care to know about the whole blogging phenom. I know, because I've been asking them periodically for the past several years, and it's only recently that I didn't have to explain what a blog is to most of them. Like with your clients, the timing just wasn't right yet. They just weren't interested. Now, they're starting to be. But even now, it was really hard to come up with good examples of people blogging about their events--outside of tech companies and marketing folks, there still isn't a wide adoption of blogs in the meetings biz. Can't wait to hear about what your client is up to!

Anyway, I hope you liked the way the article came out (look for different versions to come in the June issue of Association Meetings, and in upcoming issues of Insurance Conference Planner and Religious Conference Manager--I wrote them all at the same time, but the pubs are on different schedules). I was surprised to see how much more into blogging associations are when compared to corporations--lots more innovative use than I expected. I'm also researching how medical education people are using blogs in their work--some cool stuff there.

But I won't beat this to death, I promise, though the timing of our competitors coming out with similar stuff will make it seem that way. At least we got there first ;>

Next up: Wikkis and podcasting. I know, I know, way behind the curve on that, too. What can I say?

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