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April 28, 2005


Of course you're right. And it better be a damn good event or you could get hosed by your attendees. Apparently it was, except for the one post I saw from someone who wants a permanent end to all panels.

I mentioned AD:TECH specifically because it's more mainstream than a blog event for bloggers in Paris. But I've seen many of the LesBlogs posts on blogs from Ross, Johnnie Moore, Hugh, Halley and others. Still seems a bit like preaching to the choir from what I've read.

Too bad the GM VP blogger (too lazy to look up name at 7am) wasn't on hand with other business leaders to discuss corporate blogs and communication and bring the discussion to a different place. THAT would've been phenomenally interesting.

A fair amount of blogging coverage of Ad:Tech SF in the blogs but I think we were all blown away by the recent coverage of the recent Les Blog event in France.

Flickr - 1,490 photos tagged as lesblogs
Technorati - 119 posts tagged as lesblogs

*Hat tip to Neville Hobson

Invite a bunch of bloggers and you're going to have a pretty well documented event!

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