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July 27, 2004


It's more than a 'fake blog for marketing'. It's a foray into the relatively new genre of Alternate Reality Gaming. Dana is a character in a story, the website and the blog are props in the story. The goal is for players of the game to figure out what is going on. Everyone involved is aware that it is just a game, and it is exciting for many.

Commenting that it's amazing there are people who still treat Dana as real shows a wee bit of ignorance on the part of the author. When you're in a game, you play along. Being out of game gets you ignored. Simple concept. In the middle of a D&D session, if someone stood up and said "Why do you guys keep calling me Doomdwarf!? That's my character, not me!" one might wonder why the heck that guy was playing D&D in the first place.

Anyway, to get more informed, here's a site to check out that tells you all about ARG's plus a forum for people interested in playing the game.

the forum for the bees is called "The Haunted Apiary"

and a wiki is available for shared information, plus guides and a 'trail' of what's been discovered so far:


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