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January 19, 2006

OT: Scoble Celebrates Birthday with Nightcap at Aldo Coffee

This falls under the category, "You gotta be in it to win it," as in some things only happen because we blog.

Robert Scoble is in town for a couple of days.  And through some sleight of hand pulled off by one of our frequent customers, he got shanghaied to our coffeehouse.

We kept the shop open after hours for an impromptu discussion of intellectual property and other interesting topics.  It was a fun and interesting evening.

I knew it was Scoble's birthday last night because of the big cake he got at the local blogger event I'd just attended.  But it just dawned on me 10 minutes ago that I must be the worst host in the world because when he arrived at the shop last night we made him pay for his cocoa -on his birthday.

Then again, I can rationalize that he's not a regular.  Regulars do get free birthday drinks.

Still, he liked us enough to include a testimonial in a post today.  Which will be seen by, oh, a million or so people.

See, this blogging thing works.  What it has to do with tradeshows I have no idea.  But because a lot of TSMR readers have your own blogs that you may/may not want to keep banging away on, just thought I'd pass it along.  Interesting things happen just by being here.

Btw, bonus for me... learned that I was included in the acknowledgements section of Scoble's book "Naked Conversations".  Then again, probability is a lot of you are as well.  Venky seemed more excited about that than I was, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. 

So now that I've finally met Mr. Scoble - who's a really nice down-to-earth guy, btw - am now hoping someone figures out how to get Hugh out here to Pittsburgh with some of that Stormhoek he's been hawking.

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