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December 02, 2005

IAEM: Blog Panel

It wasn't as big a crowd as we'd hoped for - perhaps 30 (we were told more than 45 were supposed to attend) - but we think/hope those that came got the info they were looking for.

Blog_panel_at_iaemOur panelists did a terrific job.  Toby Bloomberg (left) was brilliant in conveying the concepts needed for a winning blog.  No MBA or technospeak, just layman's terms, exactly what was needed for the majority of our audience. 

Kevin Howarth (center) was a great surprise, since he was not an "event blogger" and was a last-minute replacement for Kevin Holland (hope you're recuperating!).  Kevin was aces on dealing with more "general" blog issues like their role in PR and search optimization.

Tom Maher (right) was terrific in explaining the benefits of blogging as well as some of the "under the hood" aspects of how blogs work, particularly on RSS, which has proved a difficult concept to get across to non-tech trade show audiences in the past.

Of the 30-odd people in attendance, two were bloggers, one with a personal journal and one with a blog built for providing assistance to Iraqi families affected by the current war.  Surprisingly, we did not encounter very many questions, perhaps a half dozen total, which I found disappointing since the panel was more than up to the task of providing help.

In hindsight, blogging is a subject that is far too broad to cover in a mere 75 minutes for an audience that's not experienced with the medium.  It would be nice to see a workshop format for this subject in the future where we could do some "forensics" on selected event and marketing blogs and show attendees just how easy it is to build their own and use the RSS, trackbacks, permalinks, other features and supporting apps like Technorati and Blogpulse.

(NB:  Have to apologize for the photo quality on all these IAEM shots - seems I reset the exposure or something, which has led to blurring and some psychadelic effects, especially on the Mexican Party photos).

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There was a cyber center in the lobby across from registration (I think it was sponsored by FuelDog actually). An odd place for a session, perhaps, but seems appropriate considering the topic and needs of this potential workshop. They had about 12-15 computers set up. I was there checking my email just after your session and it was very quiet.

Posted by: singlesorceress | Dec 5, 2005 10:18:48 AM

Dana... what "cyber center"? Please elaborate, thanks.

Posted by: RichW | Dec 4, 2005 6:46:13 PM

The panel was great, so thanks to all of you -- defintely gave the audience lots to chew on. It was vital for me to learn the state of blogs in the industry as The Expo Group decides if we have enough of import to blog about.

Rich, I think a workshop format for next year is a great idea because people could actually set up their event blogs on a free service during the session. Why not hold the session in the cyber center?!?

Posted by: singlesorceress | Dec 4, 2005 3:32:18 PM

Rich - thanks for your kind words and the opportunity to talk blogs at the IAEM conference.

You neglected to include one important aspect of the session. The moderator who kept all on track, pulled live blogs to illustrate points and ensured that the discussion moved along at good rate. Congrats! to you!

Posted by: Toby | Dec 4, 2005 1:29:22 PM

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