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July 20, 2005

Chinese Get Imaginitive With Event Names

We must seem boring or presumptuous here in the USofA.  In place of the standard bland "Expo" or "Show", for many years our country's IT shows have ended their event names with words like "World" or "Planet" or "Summit" or something else to connote "big" and/or "important".

China's big IT show's name?  ChinaJoy.

Joy.  How cool is that?  You go to the show and you can expect to feel Joy.

Think of the possibilities of using emotions over here and renaming some of our events:

National Hardware Happiness
Fancy Food Ecstasy
American Physical Therapists Annual Love
Atlantic Fish Delight
Medical Design and Manufacturing Bliss

Not that I'm expecting anyone to take this seriously, but don't you think your attendees would have a more positive experience with names like those?  Just a little?

OK, maybe not MDM.  "Bliss" might be a little much.

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