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June 27, 2005


Just stumbled across this... a new events & venue database startup called EVDB (Event Venue Database), which is currently in "early beta preview".Edvb

It's not just a database.  It also serves up posts as a calendar on your webpage or blog in a format not dissimilar to Google AdSense.  I'm sure there's more but the explanations get into geekiness beyond my comprehension.

The important things to know are that it's a great way for exhibitors to show where they're speaking/exhibiting on their front page.  Or for associations to post their meetings in a small footprint.

And perhaps most interesting - for attendees to post what meetings they'll be attending (assuming you don't mind the thieves in your hometown knowing you'll be gone for a few days).

I imagine there will be other possibilities, like becoming a Flickr or del.icio.us for events maybe?  That would be wild. 

Conceptually, if that's the case, then EVDB becomes a tool that can take (some of event) marketing out of the hands of conference organizers and give it to the community.  Not sure if that's the way it'll actually work, but if so it's a phenomenal concept with potentially staggering implications down the road. 

We'll be following this.  Life in trade shows is getting interesting again.

Thanks to Jerry Michalski for the pointer.

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