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February 17, 2005

You Asked for Timely. We Bring You X-Events

Yesterday I mused that our industry is headed in the direction of "dynamic conference production" in which marketing and content are being developed almost simultaneously.

Today, I get this in the old Bloglines box from Robin Good:  X-Events.

The convergence of RSS, wikis, blogs, podcasts, discussion forums, newsletters and mailing lists with real-time communication and collaboration technologies is a certainty.

Traditional events are going to transform themselves into ongoing conversation streams, as popular and successful as the topics and people participating and moderating them, and as credible and authoritative as the time they are able to thrive online.

He goes on to talk about the benefits of creating X-Events and how they will be more beneficial and valuable to everyone involved.

No doubt many among us can see this coming.  But not enough of us at this time.  This is one of those microtrends that may end up capturing entire segments of potential conference attendees before our leaders even pick up on it. 

So far the only flaw I can see is that it might be a bit hard to explain to the sponsors who would be underwriting it.

Robin has even created a new position that I think may be my next calling:  X-Event Communications Strategist.

I'll have to remember to get back to Robin when my schedule allows.  Interesting stuff.  And I've gotta do something for the next decade.

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