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February 02, 2005

Sometimes, It's All About the U

Yes, that's a gratuitous headline riff off the Overstock.com ads, only so I can get in a gratuitous mention of Sabine Ehrenfeld.

Seriously, the "U" in the headline means "you".  And there's an excellent post on "Making Content Meaningful to Users" over at Passionate that tells why, at a trade show, the sales guy is probably your best bet for finding out whether the product is right for you.

This applies not just to interactions at a trade show, although that's a perfect microcosm for the example.  It applies to everything.  It's all about the "you".

Or, you can just look at the cartoon that accompanied the article.  It explains everything.


Of course, if Sabine is in the booth, I'm listening to every word.

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