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November 10, 2004

Fast Company Suggests Herring With Guinness Is Bonzer, Eh.

Fast Company offers this list of 101 trends to think about for 2005.

I didn't read them all, but a cursory glance seems to indicate there's not a whole lot on the list that would affect most of us.

But, if you're doing management, education, marketing or technology conferences, you might want to pay attention to #38.

38. Economic Hot Spots: Look Away

Combine security concerns and a government focused on old-economy industries like oil, and the United States has become less attractive to creative workers. Other locales are picking up the slack. Hot ones, according to economist Richard Florida, are Ireland, Sweden, and Finland. Or Wellington, New Zealand, instead of Hollywood. Even Toronto and Calgary if you don't want to go halfway around the world. And watch out for Sydney.

If you're not familiar with Richard Florida, he's made a lot of ripples with his tome on The Rise of the Creative Class.  He's a local here in Pittsburgh (teaches at CMU) and many folks here aren't all too fond of him - mostly because he bemoans our city's own situation vis a vis alternate lifestyles - a core element of his creative class theory. 

I happen to be a fan of his.  And if I'm in the market for a keynoter to talk about business trends, I'd highly suggest Florida.  Controversy sells and he's a current poster boy for it.

UPDATE 11/11:  Sue disagrees with me and suggests other FC trends will have impact on events.

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