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November 05, 2004

Double the Fun at IAEM on Friday

In addition to moderating the morning session "The Exhibitor Prospectus: Sales Dynamo or Stale Dinosaur" on Friday, Dec. 3, at IAEM, I have now been added to be one of "The Donald's" assistants in Friday afternoon's takeoff on "The Apprentice".

No, I'm not playing Carolyn.  That'll be handled by Beth Hays Kepne of GES.  I'm playing George.  Hopefully I'll look a little less shopworn than he does. 

Mark Salesses will play The Donald.  I hear he's getting a wig for the gig.

Should be a lot of fun and interesting to boot.  Six teams will tackle three distinctly different show challenges: one logistical/emergency preparedness, one operational/contractual, one marketing/strategic.  All in 35 minutes.  We spend the rest of the time deciding who to fire.

Hope you'll be there for it.  If you're not already planning to go, what's your excuse?  Register now, slacker!

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I wish I could go--that sounds hilarious! I went to a meeting this weekend that tried to be fun and wasn't, which was almost worse than not trying at all. Thankfully, it was a sympathetic crowd. But I think IAEM's got a hit on this one.

Posted by: Sue P | Nov 8, 2004 5:46:19 PM

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