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September 15, 2004


I think it's important they make course corrections now, if they're going to do so. That you found their blog means the other industry pubs will shortly. And because of who Jeff, Rod and Corbin are, you can bet their blog will be promoted by other industry pubs and associations.

However, if there's "no there, there", it's going to hurt both of us as well as them. Because many folks will be introduced to blogging by visiting a site that has little to do with the spirit of thing. And they'll shrug and say "what's the big deal?"

Just my $0.02.

I don't think I need to "lighten up". Although it's been a tough day. And Joan is on my case for being a libertarian. She's sending me poems for crying out loud.

David... Doug Fox's last communications indicated he was leaving the industry to take up folk dancing. I haven't heard from him since April 2003.

What ever happened to Doug Fox? I was following his blog and then it seemed like he just vanished.

C'mon Rich, give them some time to figure it out. I've been blogging for almost a year now, and still am trying to work out the kinks and add whatever new things I learn about to the mix. Of course, I'm no techie, or at least I didn't used to be.

I think they'll figure out pretty quickly that they need to make some changes--these are the tech gurus, after all. I just love that they picked up on the idea. Now they just have to make it work.


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