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September 10, 2004

Another Awards Program Misses the Point

Sue posted this over at face2face this morning.

It's another set of awards for event marketing materials, this time presented by the Society of National Association Publications (and do we need a society for that?).

I have a problem with this. Just like IAEM's Art of the Show awards, SNAP's EXCEL awards miss the point. And I'm one of IAEM's award winners. But not for the mailer with the best results. For the mailer that was prettiest.

Why can't we have more industry awards programs that reward success? I'd sooner copy work from any of Tradeshow Week's Fastest 50 than the typical IAEM or SNAP award winner. Obviously, the TSW Fastest 50 campaigns worked. I'd like to know how and why.

So for IAEM, SNAP and any other meetings association that runs awards programs, I have a Clinton-esque message: It's the RESULTS, stupid.

Don't show me pretty. Show me what works. Give me examples of attendance growth, revenue generation and market share increases.

If more information was shared about tactics that actually paid off, we'd all win. We'd spend less on vacuous themes, elaborate design and packaging and more on building and maintaining bonds with our constituents to keep them interested and coming to our events. And telling their colleagues how great we are instead of having to do it ourselves.

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Rich, once again you've obviously given more thought to this than I have! A beauty contest is, of course, only skin deep. It is the results that matter. Why don't these contests use that as at least one of their categories? My guess is that it's harder to measure and evaluate than design.

Posted by: Sue P | Sep 13, 2004 12:37:36 PM

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