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August 06, 2004

Pressman Starts Blog to Sell New Show

The execution leaves much to be desired, but Pressman Communications has launched a blog to promote its new Call Center, BPO and Outsourcing event.

There is only one post currently on the blog, which was created only yesterday. That post offers a brief summary of what the show is about and several booth options. No pricing. No dates. No real description of the target audience. It tells you to contact Scott Pressman via email for more details.

It's an odd start for a blog. But, if the intent is to create a dirt-cheap website for purposes of fulfilling inquiries, this might not be a bad idea. Blog software is essentially just a content management system. So they could put up some permanent links for exhibitor lists, pricing, conference info, and whatever else needs a full time link, while adding content from suppliers and speakers as "blog" entries. And they can do it all for under $10/month.

From a cost-savings side it makes a lot of sense. The audience for this site may not care if you're a 'real' web site or 'just a blog'. So why invest a lot into your web presence? However, from a marketing standpoint, they'll need to do better. A graphic banner would help. So would some decent benefit-oriented copy.

Regardless of the initial flaws, this is the first attempt at something like this I've seen to date, so I give them credit for trying. Besides, they can edit this at will. It could be worth following this blog's progress.

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