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July 09, 2004

1,800 Attendees or Bust: NSBA Threatens Cancellation of Education Technology Show Unless Attendee Goals Are Met

The National School Boards Association says if their T+L2 Technology Conference doesn't hit it's goal of 1,800 paid attendees, it will be killed off.

The NSBA, citing the recent cancellaton of Comdex, is bracing for the worst.

However, the show's largest and oldest competitor, the National Educational Computing Conference had its best event ever last month, with record attendance and appearances of three bellwether exhibitors that dumped Comdex: Dell, IBM and Intel. With Michael Dell and Craig Barrett in attendance, no less.

Given that qualifier, if the NSBA's event fails, it has to because of poor marketing. Then again, NSBA's decision to publically release this 'dare' to their constituents might just be the marketing tactic that saves the show.

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